“Two Spirits” Documetary

“Two Spirits” is a documentary that uses the tragic story of the 2001 murder of a nádleehí teen, Fred Martinez, to explore the Navajo beliefs concerning gender. In contrast to the rigid binary gender roles perpetuated in Western culture, the Navajo tradition defines 4 gender roles: male, female, male with a feminine essence, and female with a masculine essence. TPT (Twin Cities Public Television) will be airing Lydia Nibley’s documentary, “Two Spirits” on the following dates and times:

  • Sunday, 6/19/11, 10:30pm (channels 2, 440, 802)
  • Monday, 6/20/11, 4:30am (channels 2, 440, 802)
  • Saturday, 6/25/11, 10:00pm (channel 13)
  • Sunday, 6/26/11, 4:00am (channel 13)

The Navajos are not alone in their recognition of a gender spectrum. Indeed many cultures throughout the world have made place for those of us who do not so neatly fit into one-size-fits-all gender roles. Click here or on the map below to explore them.

6 thoughts on ““Two Spirits” Documetary”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this film. It will be showing on PBS stations around the country this
    month. Check you local PBS station for date/time. In Chicago it will show on June 14.


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