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Most people know that sexual orientation can be heterosexual (attracted to the opposite sex), homosexual (attracted to the same sex) or bisexual (attracted to both sexes). However, sexual orientation is actually a scale with most people leaning one way or the other in varying degrees. Additionally, some people are not attracted to either gender and consider themselves to be asexual. Posts in this category explore the spectrum of sexuality.

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Support companies that support us

In today’s economy, it’s vital that we support the companies, products, and brands that have equal workplace practices for the LGBT community. As you look for that perfect pair of shoes or a great gift for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, consider using HRC’s 2011 Buying For Equality Guide to help make your shopping decisions. It is available in either online or print formats.

From clothing to computers to kids’ stuff, from the latest hairstyles to the grocery aisles, they’ve collected data on hundreds of businesses. And some of the differences between companies selling similar products and services might surprise you:

  • Macy’s (100%) vs. Saks (30%*)
  • Staples (100%) vs. Office Depot (45%)
  • Nike (100%) vs. Adidas/Reebok (15%*)
  • UPS (100%) vs. FedEx (80%) vs. DHL (30%*)
  • Whole Foods (85%) vs. Trader Joes (15%*)
  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (100%) vs. Pottery Barn/West Elm (30%*)