Kickstarter film: “American Secret: The Circumcision Agenda”


“American Secret” examines the history behind popularizing male infant circumcision in the United States and the economic and cultural incentives responsible for its continued practice. The film pushes back against this rarely questioned cultural norm, which, though ingrained domestically has long since fallen out of favor abroad.

On the face of it, “American Secret” is about circumcision. At core the film is an examination of how memes proliferate, how ideas spread, and how thought patterns take hold. The film also explores questions we rarely ask ourselves, such as how we decide what we’re going to think about, what we’re going to reconsider, what we’re going to resist, and what we aren’t. The film’s overarching questions being: “How do we come to believe what we believe?” and “What role do reason and fact play in establishing or changing our beliefs?”

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