My hunt is over

i-love-nyIt’s official, my hunt is over… I have joined a small, single-specialty OB/GYN group in White Plains, NY and will starting in July of this year!

My journey to this trailhead has been long and arduous. I could not have made it without the amazing support of my family and friends. I would especially like to thank my husband, Patrick, for his love and encouragement. I truly could not have navigated this climb without his support. I thank our children for putting up with our limitations theses many long years and for the joy and happiness they bring to our lives. To Dr David and Monk David, thank you for providing me with foundation when my entire world had burned to ash. You will always have a central place in my heart. Mom, Dad, thank you! In spite of our many differences throughout the years you were willing to extend that out-stretched-hand when I needed it most — I would not have been able to scale the massive financial boulders in my path without your generosity. For this I will be forever grateful. Finally, to my wise faculty advisors — Dr Thorp, Dr Terrell and Dr Rauk — you are my mentors, advocates and role models. THANK YOU.

New York, here I come!

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