Music to my ears

ghirardelli-chocolateToday was the first day someone asked me, “Have you lost weight?” I was shocked, ecstatic and gave her a big hug. I have now lost 20 pounds and am no longer obese (barely, still quite overweight), but how wonderful it is when someone notices! I am very pleased with the MyFitnessPal program I’ve been using. I feel like I have an allowance of 1500 Calories and I can spend them any way I want. I had a beer with dinner and no biggie! I’m still within my budget. MyFitnessPal simply functions like a checkbook where I get a daily allowance; it helps me keep track of how many Calories I have consumed and how many I have left for the day. And if I decide to splurge — like the weekend my partner had his birthday — a couple days may be “in the red” but by watching the rest of the week carefully I can still come in under-budget. I love the flexibility and I feel like it is teaching me the skills I need to make a true “lifestyle” change… it’s not just losing weight, it’s knowing how to eat for the rest of your life so that you can keep it off. Real life, real food, real change.

Some things I have discovered: Coffee with cream and Splenda makes a great mid-morning snack. It curbs my hunger and only has 25 Calories. One of my favorite comfort foods is cereal. You may think it’s healthy but holy Calories! Eating a real serving size (not the 3/4 cup suggestion) has nearly the same amount of Calories as a greasy hamburger! And the amount of comfort it gives me is not worth the Calories it costs. A can of regular pop has about 150 Calories while a bottle of beer has only 170. Hello?! Gimme the beer! Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares have less than 100 Calories each. They are very rich and satisfy my sweet-tooth without eating up too much of my budget. And aside from the Splenda, note that everything I’ve mentioned is NOT diet food. Yet I am still losing weight… My way!

2 thoughts on “Music to my ears”

  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. I lost 46 pounds so I know the discipline it takes. I noticed you wrote that you use,Splenda., a better choice would either be Stevia which is plant based sweetener (to my understanding) or straight sugar. Those type if artificial sweeteners wreak havoc with brain signals and in the long run can cause a lot of health problems. My mom for years,and years has used Sweet n Low, I told her rusting ago.what Im saying to you, now she’s paying for it with her health. Of course, I can’t be sure the repeated use of Sweet n Low is the reason but a lot of what I’ve researched about the health risks are what she has.


    1. Hi Lisa, congrats on your own weight loss! That’s fantastic! You are correct about artificial sweeteners being bad for you, though it is difficult to break old habits (I have a can of diet Dr Pepper sitting next to me and just took a drink, Ahhhh). I have somewhat fallen off of the wagon though am maintaining my weight loss. I still need to lose more but I am waiting for the motivation to return. Losing weight is hard work! My primary health goal right now is to get active. There is a Kung Fu class near my home that I’m tempted to try out but I’m still in the contemplation mode of thinking. Soon… I think soon I will start getting active again doing something I enjoy. Then I’ll start paying closer attention to my calories. Best of luck to you with your own goals. 🙂


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