10 seconds of fame

On 2/7/12 I was interviewed by CBS Minnesota news reporter, Esme Murphy, for her story, Mannequins Become Test Patients For Regions Doctors. The linked interview and video shows me discussing the benefits of simulation for improving patient care. I include this post in my blog not because I’m trying to toot my own horn — 10 seconds on a local channel is so groundbreaking! — but because I have been asked by several readers to consider video blogging and I figured that this was a quick way for those interested to see a more life-like representation of myself.

The whole experience was both somewhat unnerving and hilarious because my team and I were not forewarned until minutes beforehand. We had just found a lull in the day to grab some lunch from the cafeteria and headed back to our workroom when my attending stated that our presence was requested in the simulation lab for a news report. We were to simulate an uncomplicated delivery using NOELLE™, one of the pricey mannequins mentioned in the interview. However, when we arrived it became apparent that they also wanted to interview us and I, being the chief resident, got chosen to shoot from the hip. No preparation, just 1, 2, 3, action!

After my little blurb we moved over to NOELLE™ for the simulated birthing experience. While we had experience with various other components of the simulation center, none of us had ever worked with NOELLE™ before, a head shaking, blinking blonde who intermittently talked, asked questions and screamed through contractions. We did not have gloves, other safety precautions or any of our other tools needed for routine vaginal delivery. Thank god they refrained from simulating the gushes of amniotic fluid and maternal blood and excrement. Eventually NOELLE™’s baby was delivered via the conveyor belt through her pelvis by our bare-handed emergency department resident as she squatted on the floor. Fun times were had by all. 🙂

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