Michele Bachmann: Pray the gay away

Not only does she think that gays are NOT born that way, undercover video recording by Truth Wins Out has exposed a hidden agenda at Bachmann’s husband clinic: you can pray the gay away! Such “therapy,” aimed at changing homosexual orientation into a heterosexual one, has been going on for DECADES. Not only has it been proven to be fruitless, it is actually DANGEROUS.

“The nation’s leading professional medical, health, and mental health organizations do not support efforts to change young people’s sexual orientation through therapy and have raised serious concerns about the potential harm from such efforts.”
-American Psychological Association

And though befuddled Fundies continue to state that “there’s no scientific conclusion that it’s genetic…” -Tim Pawlenty

There is a cohesive scientific opinion that sexual orientation is innate.

“An estimated 2 to 5 percent of adolescents are homosexual, the same percentage as among adults. Scientists generally agree that several factors converge to form a person’s sexual orientation. But there is increasing evidence that human beings may be genetically predisposed toward heterosexuality or homosexuality. These tendencies may even be established prior to birth, just as gender, hair color and complexion are all preprogrammed. Contrary to what some believe, we do not choose to be straight or gay. Come adolescence, a person is innately drawn toward one sex or the other.” -American Academy of Pediatricians

If right-wing politicians want to believe that evolution is just a theory, that sexual orientation is just a choice or that the world really is flat great for them. But to state that science supports these beliefs is nothing more than a pack of lies.

For more evidence-based information about gender identity and sexual orientation, please see my introduction to these topics, What Everyone Should Know About Gender and Sexuality.

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6 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann: Pray the gay away”

  1. There’s a process I’ve never fully understood whereby a culture internalizes a belief, and it can be a purely secular belief, like a belief in the benefits of circumcision, or a belief that all government regulations are a form of tyrannical oppression. And once that belief becomes internalized, it becomes largely unassailable by means of reason or science or evidence. Of course, once you throw religion into the mix, the belief becomes that much more intractable. Once a culture accepts the idea of “revealed truth,” logic and science become malevolent forces to be struggled against heroically.


  2. And I suppose I should have said “fundamentalism” instead of “religion.” I didn’t mean to paint with such a broad brush. Even Einstein’s worldview had a place for the Divine.


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