Trans Support Group at the Shot Clinic

Trans Support Group at the Shot Clinic
Every Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM
3405 Chicago Ave, Suite 103
Minneapolis, MN 55407

The Shot Clinic is a place for Trans identified people who are currently using or will be using injectable hormones (testosterone-estrogen) and for all communities who are in need of clean needles and other harm reduction services.

If you want to get your shot done at the shot clinic you will need to bring in your prescription/hormones and ID. We can give you your shot and teach you or a friend to do it. You can pick up clean needles and/or drop off dirty ones. We also do mobile outreach for syringe exchange and injections.

We are open:

  • Tues 10am-2pm (Syringe Exchange)
  • Wed 5-6 (Syringe Exchange/Shot Clinic)
  • Wed 6-7:30pm (Trans Support Group)
  • Thurs 10am-2pm (Syringe Exchange/Shot Clinic)
  • Fri 4-6 pm (Fridays are Trans specific)

1st Friday of the month free, anonymous rapid HIV testing done by The Family Tree Clinic 4-6pm. You simply need to stop by and be able to stay for at least 20 minutes, depending on how many tests we have to do.

Hepatitis C testing is free and available Thursdays 10-2 and by appointment. They will take at least 25 minutes and your results will be available in two weeks. We offer counseling and referrals for people who test positive and all the information you need to stay Hep C free if you are not. Message us on Facebook or email to find out more about making an appointment.

We focus on HIV and Hepatitis C transmission education but know a lot about other Trans health concerns especially about your hormones. Fridays are the best day to come by to hang out and meet people. You can get info on not just Trans stuff but things like where to get a free meal and clothing or shelters if you need a place to stay.

Soon we’ll be starting our Education/Support Groups again, which will run while you wait for your shot. We’ll discuss numerous topics like; How to do your own shot, Teaching your family and friends how to do your shots, Info around syringe sizes, needle exchange, Hepatitis C, HIV, Safer sex info, Safer Drug Use info, Nutrition, Exercise, SRS surgery info, Name Change/Gender change workshops, etc.

For even more information on HIV/STD Prevention contact:
MAP AIDS Line 612-373-AIDS (metro)
1-800-248-AIDS (statewide)

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