FDA approves Fortesta testosterone gel

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved Fortesta, Endo Pharmaceuticals, as the latest testosterone vehicle and will become available 2/28/11. It is a clear, odorless gel that is applied to the thigh once daily. As with all topical medications there is a risk of exposure to others. To prevent this you should wash your hands with soap and water after application, cover the site of application until the gel has completely dried and wash the application site thoroughly with soap and water prior to any anticipated skin-to-skin contact with another person.

2 thoughts on “FDA approves Fortesta testosterone gel”

    1. All testosterone meds are essentially used “off label” to treat trans men and are not FDA approved for said purpose. As such I imagine that Fortesta could be used like Androgel, but what the cost difference would be, which would a better product, etc I have no idea. If you are considering using T gel you should talk it over with your provider to decide which to try. Good luck. 🙂


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