Land of 10,000 Lakes

Actually there are 11,842 lakes in Minnesota and let me tell ya, it is one beautiful state! I have now been living in Minneapolis for one week. I flew in with only four bags and am currently subletting a room within walking distance of the U of MN. Today really was my first day to do some exploring though as I was in orientation all week long. One of my classmates was kind enough to lend me a bike to get around so that I can take my time to consider my options before purchasing my own. I rode out to the hospital where I will have my first rotation as a brand new doctor (I graduated 6/4/09) and enjoyed the Greenway (a paved biking/running trail) and the beautiful scenery as I passed the northern rim of Lake Calhoun. I had to stop at the Freewheel Bike shop on the way however to buy some padded bike shorts and a new squishy bike seat — I have not cycled for many years and while my legs are definitely burning I must say that it is my tush that is hurting the most. Yikes! As my commute is 7 miles (14 round trip), I should definitely get some great exercise and start burning off all the extra poundage I added during medical school.

On Monday I begin my first rotation — obstetrics at a hospital that has over 4000 deliveries each year. During my five weeks there I should deliver 50-80 myself. Given that I only had the opportunity to deliver a few placentas during medical school, I am very excited. My other 8 classmates are all starting on different rotations at the four hospitals we will work at this year. I am sure that I will have much to write about as I move forward in my career. I just hope that residency does not age me as much as medical school!

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