So over Step 2

Today I took my 8 hour board exam (USMLE Step 2 CK). It’s over! Tomorrow is my last day off before I hit the ground running on my ICU rotation. I really can’t complain though. Fourth year truly has been a blast. I especially enjoyed the opportunity I had to travel around the country to interview and check out so many great OB/GYN residency programs.

So this is how the residency admission process works… I interviewed at around 14 programs and am now in the process of organizing them into my “rank list.” Basically I put them in descending order from where I want to go the most to the least. Each residency programs in turn creates their own rank list of the applicants they interviewed. Eventually all of these lists get fed into some great and mysterious computer program which determines where all of us are going to go. Apparently the software logic is designed to favor applicant lists over residency program lists. Anyhow, the computer does its thing and everyone finds out on the same day (3/19) where we all match. And we only match at one program, so where the letter says we’re going is where we’re going to go! Exciting times.

My rank list is not due till the end of February so I still have plenty of time to mull things over. Fortunately I will be very busy on my next 2 rotations (I have plastic and reconstructive surgery following ICU) so the time should fly. I also have my “OB/GYN sensitivity to LGBT patient needs” manuscript and some patent research to finish as well as continue my review of primary literature regarding disorders of sex development (intersex conditions). Additionally, my sister is graduating from police academy on 2/11! With so many things to look forward to, I am very excited for the New Year ahead.

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